About standing still and moving forward

Do you know this feeling of being stuck? Stuck in a certain situation, stuck in your thoughts that keep going into the same direction or just stuck in life in general? 


I noticed I was standing still when getting up to work was a pain, day by day. When I couldn’t feel entirely happy anymore, even though I kept doing things that usually put me into a good mood and made me feel fulfilled. I became very moody and sometimes let my bad feelings out on the people that tried to help me. So I had to help myself. 


And I learnt that the solution is actually simple. When you are stuck somwhere, why don’t you just move? 


„Nothing happens until something moves.“
Albert Einstein


First of all, start moving with your thoughts. Which part of your life make you feel like you are not getting anywhere? Things change, maybe something that you used to love just isn’t your thing anymore. For my part I noticed that was my job. Over the years I’ve learnt so much, certain tasks kept repeating itself day by day, week by week, year by year. And I started missing new challenges without even noticing that I was stuck in a routine that doesn’t match with what I actually want and need. But to find out, I had to listen deeply to get an understanding of what my soul is craving so badly.


„When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.“
Albert Einstein


It doesn’t have to be your job. Maybe you are a person that enjoys routine and being able to master the daily tasks even with your eyes closed. It could be a hobby that you started years ago or even one of your friends that make you feel you’re not getting anywhere. And you know what, that’s okay. Just because something has always been a part of your life it doesn’t mean you can change that if you’re not comfortable with it anymore.


Life is about changes, and changes make us move. 


The thing is, that it’s actually not that easy to notice that something in your life isn’t making you happy anymore. Because we don’t give ourselves the time to think, to listen, to understand. We are so caught up in a routine of going to work, watching netflix, scrolling through social media, cleaning our flats and trying to have a social life besides all our to do’s, that we forget about making some room for the most important thing: time for ourself.

Also, you have an amazing family and friends, you have a job that pays your rent and even if you have to think twice about buying that new pair of shoes in the end of  the month, you are able to buy the food you like and go for drinks on the weekend. Technically you don’t have the right to be unhappy in your life. But apparently, you do. Because you are senstitive enough, to notice that there is another way. So go and find this way. 


Some of us forget about the power of our own thoughts. The right mindset is everything. Be aware of what makes you feel content and happy, ask yourself the question: „How do I want to life my life, if anything was possible?“  (Sidenote: EVERYTHING is possible.)


Use your imagination, visualize, dream big. There are no borders inside your mind and there are no limits in your life, because you create your own reality.


„Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics.“
Albert Einstein


If you keep doing what you love, if you follow the impulses you are receiving, and if you change the things that are holding you back, you will basically only do things that you enjoy doing. You will attract things that make you move forward, that make you grow. And believe me, you can – if you think you can. And I believe you can. There is a possibility to live exactly the life you dream of. You just have to move and match your thoughts with your reality.


In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible.

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