Power of Imagination

Hello you! I am currently sitting in my favourite plantbased café in London which is located in Hackney Wick opposite the canal. The weather situation is typical for London – a mix between rain, sun, hailstorms and winds that feel like they’re directly coming from the Arctic. I think everyone who lives in London can relate.

I spent way too much money on brownies and cinnamon rolls but I just couldn’t resist. They also do the best peanut butter smoothie you can imagine which means the food baby is real at the moment. And while I’m looking at the houseboats and their reflection on the water, I also reflect the past few weeks. It’s been crazy, a rollercoaster of emotions with many highs and lows. 



But while I didn’t know what was going to be my next step, I visualised. I visualised my dream life, like I used to do it when I was little. I remember times when my Dad and me would drive around in the car, listen to radio songs. I would look outside the window and with every new song that was playing I dreamt about another scenario of my life in cinematic style. Sometimes it was kinda unrealistic tho, like me catching all the 150 Pokémon (I can’t believe there was a time when only 150 of them existed) or me being a part of Star Wars saving Anakin from the Dark Force. But even if these cases never became reality (well actually I got all the 150 Pokémons, at least virtually), other things did. 


When I went to bed I would play all kinds of favourite scenarios in my head, apparently I dreamt my reality. Traveling the world, moving abroad, writing books (being a Pokémon trainer, Jedi, …). I was everyone that I wanted to be and I could do anything that I wanted to do. No limits, everything was possible. We used to do that when we were kids and sometimes, unfortunately, forget about something very important while we grow older: the power of imagination. 

Even Albert Einstein said:


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.


And if I don’t get you with another Einstein quote, I might be successful with J. R. R. Tolkien:


A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.


The power we have with our own thoughts is incredible if we know how to use it. If we believe in it. All we have to do is to visualize certain situations and take the steps that are necessary to get closer towards this goal. Move your thoughts in a positive way, ask yourself how would it feel like to have reached this goal? And this strong and positive feeling will become the fuel for your journey. 


Don’t put your thoughts into a cage, rather allow yourself to dream. Dream big, and great things will happen. I am now at a point where sometimes I think I’m living in a dream, my dream. And isn’t this what life is about? I’m not saying it is always easy. But I say all of us can do that. It takes patience, courage, trust into the process and most importantly trust into yourself and your dreams.


All of us are struggling sometimes – accept it. Work with it. Life is a rollercoaster. But as long as you keep dreaming, there is a goal that you are working towards to. 


Open your heart for some magic and your mind for the power of imagination. 


Love and Light, thank you for reading xxx



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