Hello beautiful soul, welcome!


I think what you usually do first is introducing yourself. So here we go.

I’m Lucy, well actually Lucia Aricia Tara (that’s where the name for my blog comes from) and I’m 27. After succesfully graduating Uni in Germany with a Bachelor in Business Management, I started working in an Advertising Agency. Even though I’ve had the best colleagues in the world, I realised that the typical 9 to 5 isn’t my thing. It took me some courage but most importantly the ability to listen to my intuition to quit my job and move to London. That was in summer 2018. I didn’t have a job there, I didn’t have a room and yet all those uncertainties might be terrifying on the one hand, I felt like I was breaking free.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

It took me 2 days to find a room and another day to find a job. And it was exactly what I dreamt of. I manifested what I visualised before and suddenly it became reality. This was when I learnt a very important lesson:

be yourself, find out what makes you happy and gives you this inner fullfillment, trust yourself and the universe and then go your way, no matter what and you will attract the right things and the right people at the right time. 

Besides my job at the coffeeshop (I wanted to do a completely different job to what I did before so I thought why not) I was writing a lot. I filled one book after another. Since I was there on my own I’ve learnt so much about myself. Before I used to be afraid to spend time with myself but London taught me to enjoy my own company. To get out of my comfort zone and always always listen to my gut. I met the most amazing people over there, saw beautiful places and created memories I will never forget. But let’s be honest it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. And maybe because of that I eventually grew more and more into who I really am, and who I want to be. I went travelling a lot during this time and when I came back from a five weeks trip in Indonesia I noticed it’s time to break free again. It is time to find out what my purpose is, and what I really want to achieve in life even though that means I have to leave my beloved London. I have two homes now, in Germany and in London. But I learnt another lesson, something I’ve always known but that I could finally fully understand just then – home is inside you. You are your home. And everything you need to know is already inside you. Apologies in advance, I’m not good in writing short texts but I think I’m finally getting to the point which is writing.


Writing has always been a big part of my life, basically since forever. From creating comic books (with some pretty hilarious spelling mistakes) when I was little to writing diaries and short stories when I got older. 


It has become more and more of a passion over the years and my journal is now something between a diary, a place where I write down my dreams, either the ones I have at night or the ones I want to transform into reality. It’s a place where I keep my memories, remind myself about the lessons I’ve learnt and where I try to organise the little chaos inside my head. I want to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you, listen to yours and grow together. This is why I started this blog. It’s going to be a collection of anecdotes and adventures that will hopefully entertain and make you smile, and also not take life too seriously. And sometimes I also like to muse over the bigger questions, like what is the average weight of a cumulonimbus cloud and what can I do to be a better human.


I think all of us are passionate about something, we might forgot about it over time, but it’s still there. I learnt what is „my thing“ so I decided to make it become an even bigger part of my life. Let’s go on this journey together.


Love and Light